Infrared thermal imaging system for industrial automation. Automatic, continuous detection and analysis of thermal patterns with quantitative temperature measurements.

Thanks to digital imaging processing techniques and temperature analysis algorithms Control-IR guarantees unparalleled accuracy in industrial process monitoring.

Functionality and benefits:

- Fully automatic operation with user supervision over Web-interface or via dedicated applications,

- Hardware and software (Watchdog) fail-safe mechanisms with a "Quick-Recovery" mode,

- Industry compatible, custom programmable input/output lines,

- Control of technological processes based on thermal imaging and non-contact temperature measurements,

- Digital image analysis of thermal patterns combined with quantitative measurements,

- Linear scanner option for monitoring continuous-flow manufacturing,

- Optional image merging from multiple thermal imaging cameras,

- Optional image fusion from visual and thermal imaging cameras.


Data logging and report generation:

- Continuous or trigger (Event/Alarm) dependent data logging,

- Event/Alarm report generation,

- Event/Alarm specific custom reports generation,

- Event/Alarm E-mail notification,

- Event/Alarm summary displayed on Web-interface.

- High-Resolution thermal imaging with frame rates up to 80Hz,

- High-speed non-contact temperature measurements with acquisition rates up to 50Hz,

- Temperature imaging resolution: 0.03deg. C for room temperature targets,

- Temperature measurements within -50 to 975deg. C (configuration dependent),

- Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-1deg. C or +/-1% on range (configuration dependent; can be further increased with a dedicated setup),

- Temperature measurement reproducibility: +/-0,5deg. C or +/-0,5% on range (configuration dependent; can be further increased with a dedicated setup),

- Fully programmable input/output lines: USB, RS232, RS422/85, universal DB37 GPIO, I2C, industrial compatible interfaces, additional iDoor module slot. Custom outputs available.


Please refer to our .pdf file below for the full specification:

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