Autonomous infrared thermal imaging complex for industrial automation. Automatic, continuous detection and analysis of thermal patterns with quantitative temperature measurements.

With the use of digital imaging processing techniques and temperature analysis algorithms, Control-IR guarantees unparalleled accuracy in industrial process monitoring.

Functionality and benefits:

- Fully autonomous operation with hardware and software (Watchdog) fail-safe mechanisms with a "Quick-Recovery" mode,

- Control of technological processes based on thermal imaging and non-contact temperature measurements,

- Digital image analysis of thermal patterns combined with quantitative measurements,

- Industry compatible, custom programmable input/output lines,

- Remote control over Web-interface or via dedicated applications,

- Linear scanner option for monitoring continuous-flow manufacturing,

- Optional image merging from multiple thermal imaging cameras,

- Optional image fusion from visual and thermal imaging cameras.


Data logging and report generation:

- Continuous or trigger (Event/Alarm) dependent data logging,

- Event/Alarm report generation,

- Event/Alarm specific custom reports generation,

- Event/Alarm E-mail notification,

- Event/Alarm summary displayed on Web-interface.

- High-Resolution thermal imaging with frame rates up to 80Hz,

- High-speed non-contact temperature measurements with acquisition rates up to 50Hz,

- Temperature imaging resolution: 0.03deg. C for room temperature targets,

- Temperature measurements within -50 to 975deg. C (configuration dependent),

- Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-1deg. C or +/-1% on range (configuration dependent; can be further increased with a dedicated setup),

- Temperature measurement reproducibility: +/-0,5deg. C or +/-0,5% on range (configuration dependent; can be further increased with a dedicated setup),

- Fully programmable input/output lines: USB, RS232, RS422/85, universal DB37 GPIO, I2C, industrial compatible interfaces, additional iDoor module slot. Custom outputs available.

Please refer to our .pdf file below for the full specification:

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