infraSpectra Ltd. specialises in infrared optoelectronics for industrial automation.

We design and build modular flexible automated thermal imaging and temperature measurement systems for in-situ non-destructive testing, process control and quality assurance.

In addition to our commercial off-the-shelf products, infraSpectra Ltd. offers custom made solutions and technical consultancy.

Our background includes research expertise at academic institutions in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the United States and a proven track record of industry implementations. Our team includes infrared optoelectronics scientists, automation engineers and experienced Level III (Snell Infrared Certified) and Level II R&D (FLIR Systems Certified) infrared thermographers.

PhD-Eng. Andrew Szelc

Board chairman, CTO - Infrared Thermography Division

Academic qualifications:

- 2007-2012 - PhD in Optoelectronics, Specialization: Infrared Physics and Technology (high resolution imaging), The Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK

- 2005-2006 - Post-graduate diploma course in Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Techniques, Faculty of Materials Science and Eng., Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

- 2004-2006 - (2nd degree) BSc in Applied Physics, first-class honours, Specialization: Optics and Optical Engineering, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Wrocław, Poland

- 2000-2005 - MSc in Electronics and Telecommunication, first-class honours, Specialization: Optoelectronics, Faculty of Electronics, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Wrocław, Poland

Professional experience:

- since 2018 - Co-founder and Co-owner, Chairman, CTO, Infrared Thermography Division, infraSpectra Ltd., Wrocław, Poland

- 2016-2018 - C++ Developer at the Uplink PHY Division, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Wrocław, Poland

- 2012-2015 - Research Engineer and Calibration Lab Manager, Infrared-Measurement Division, InfraTec Ltd., Dresden, Germany

- 2007-2012 - Research Engineer at Infrared Science and Technology Group, The Optoelectronics Research Centre, Southampton, UK

- 2006 - Graduate R&D Engineer, Industrial Placement, AGFA Gevaert Graphics Department, Antwerp, Belgium

- September 2004 - Apprenticeship, Polish Optical Works, Night Vision Division, Warsaw, Poland

- August 2004 - Apprenticeship, Military Industrial Optical Centre, Thermal Imaging Division, Warsaw, Poland

Professional trainings:

- December 2013 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level III Best Practices”, Snell Infrared, Toronto, Canada

- March 2010 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level II Advanced Thermographic Techniques”, Snell Infrared, Toronto, Canada

- November 2008 - “InfraMation 2008” Conference with technical workshops, FLIR Systems, Reno/Nevada, USA

- June 2007 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level II R&D”, FLIR Systems, Boston, USA

- September 2005 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level II”, FLIR Systems, Milton Keynes, UK

- March 2004 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level II”, FLIR Systems, Danderyd, Sweden

- March 2001 - “Assessment of reliability of military optoelectronic night vision devices”, Institute of Optoelectronics, Warsaw Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Polan

Marcin Chruściel, MBA

Board Member