infraSpectra Ltd. specialises in infrared optoelectronics for industrial automation.

We design and build modular flexible automated thermal imaging and temperature measurement systems for in-situ non-destructive testing, process control and quality assurance.

In addition to our commercial off-the-shelf products, infraSpectra Ltd. offers custom made solutions and technical consultancy.

Our background includes research expertise at academic institutions in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the United States and a proven track record of industry implementations. Our team includes infrared optoelectronics scientists, automation engineers and experienced Level III (Snell Infrared Certified) and Level II R&D (FLIR Systems Certified) infrared thermographers.

Andrew Szelc, PhD-Eng.

Board chairman, CTO - Infrared Thermography Division

Academic qualifications:

- 2007-2012 - PhD in Optoelectronics, Specialisation: Infrared Physics and Technology (high resolution imaging), The Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK

- 2005-2006 - Post-graduate diploma course in Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Techniques, Faculty of Materials Science and Eng., Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

- 2004-2006 - (2nd degree) BSc in Applied Physics, first-class honours, Specialisation: Optics and Optical Engineering, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Wrocław, Poland

- 2000-2005 - MSc in Electronics and Telecommunication, first-class honours, Specialisation: Optoelectronics, Faculty of Electronics, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Wrocław, Poland

Professional experience:

- since 2018 - Co-founder and Co-owner, Chairman, CTO, Infrared Thermography Division, infraSpectra Ltd., Wrocław, Poland

- 2016-2018 - C++ Developer at the Uplink PHY Division, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Wrocław, Poland

- 2012-2015 - Research Engineer and Calibration Lab Manager, Infrared-Measurement Division, InfraTec Ltd., Dresden, Germany

- 2007-2012 - Research Engineer at Infrared Science and Technology Group, The Optoelectronics Research Centre, Southampton, UK

- 2006 - Graduate R&D Engineer, Industrial Placement, AGFA Gevaert Graphics Department, Antwerp, Belgium

- September 2004 - Apprenticeship, Polish Optical Works, Night Vision Division, Warsaw, Poland

- August 2004 - Apprenticeship, Military Industrial Optical Centre, Thermal Imaging Division, Warsaw, Poland

Professional trainings:

- December 2013 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level III Best Practices”, Snell Infrared, Toronto, Canada

- March 2010 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level II Advanced Thermographic Techniques”, Snell Infrared, Toronto, Canada

- November 2008 - “InfraMation 2008” Conference with technical workshops, FLIR Systems, Reno/Nevada, USA

- June 2007 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level II R&D”, FLIR Systems, Boston, USA

- September 2005 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level II”, FLIR Systems, Milton Keynes, UK

- March 2004 - Infrared Thermography Training “Level I”, FLIR Systems, Danderyd, Sweden

- March 2001 - “Assessment of reliability of military optoelectronic night vision devices”, Institute of Optoelectronics, Warsaw Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

Marcin Chruściel, MBA

Board Member

infraSpectra Ltd. is the official Polish representative of InfraTec GmbH - the world leader in specialised cooled ImageIR thermography cameras.

infraSpectra Ltd. is the official German representative of Inframet - the world leader in specialised optoelectronic test systems and blackbodies.

infraSpectra Ltd. is the official Polish representative of LabIR - the leader in specialised thermography accessories and software.