FevIR Light

„FevIR-Light” is an infrared thermography system dedicated to automatic and remote detection of feverish persons. “FevIR-Light” represents a cost-effective derivative of “FevIR” system and is specifically recalibrated for the 37ºC temperature point. The measurement accuracy is better than +/-1ºC at distances of up to 8 meters. In addition to that, the system is capable of scanning three persons simultaneously in under one second. Once a feverish person is detected, “FevIR-Light” automatically alarms the operator with sound and GUI alarms and carries out logging.

- Automatic detection of feverish persons

- Non-contact temperature measurements at distances of up to 8 meters
and with +/-1ºC accuracy

- Up to 3 persons scanned at a time

- Single person scan time under ≤0,3s

- Can be integrated with existing CCTV and building access control systems

- Modular and fully configurable design

- Software Development Kit included


Please refer to our .pdf file below for the full specification:

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