FevIR-PG (Preventive Gateway) is an affordable and accurate temperature screening system intended for building access control. Thanks to an integrated temperature reference, FevIR-PG guarantees measurement accuracy of +/-0,6ºC. To assure high throughput, the measurement time is shorter than 150ms per person. Once a feverish person is detected the system activates visual and/or audio alarms. FevIR-PG can act as a stand-alone device or be integrated with already existing security and monitoring installations. The system can be configured for face recognition and mask remainder. Due to the fundamental metrological limitations the device is intended for indoor operation.

- +/-0,6ºC measurement accuracy

- Integrated temperature reference

- Measurement time under 150ms per person

- 24/7 maintenance free operation

- Audio and/or visual alarms

- People counting as a standard feature

- Integrated HD visual camera

- Optional face recognition

- Optional face mask recognition and notification

- Can be integrated with commercial access control, CCTV or building security systems

- Optional logging of temperatures, thermal and/or video images into cloud or network storages

- Easy to install

- 18 to 26ºC ambient working temperatures

- Pole version with reduced dimensions


Please refer to our .pdf file below for the full specification:

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