Infrared Fever Screening System

Infrared Fever Screening System is a highly accurate, automated temperature measurement system dedicated to mass screening of multiple human subjects in real-time. A reference blackbody emitter used in the setup guarantees +/-0,3ºC accuracy of non-contact temperature measurements at an 8 meter distance with a 5 meter linear field of view. Once a person with an elevated body temperature is detected, the system automatically alarms the operator with sound and GUI alarms and carries out logging.

- Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-0,3ºC for human subjects (skin emissivity ≥0,97)

- Thermal sensitivity: 0,03ºC at 30ºC

- Measurement distances: Between 2 and 8 meters to human subjects

- Speed of measurement: ≤100ms (Real-time)


Please refer to our .pdf file below for the full specification:

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