TECHNOLOGY Software Package is dedicated to research and development (R&D) applications and advanced analysis in infrared thermography and non-contact temperature measurements.

- Developed and optimised for sophisticated analysis of thermal patterns and temperature profiles

- Various, graphical temperature analysis tools with min, max, average, std-dev, hold-max logic

- Localised area emissivity manipulation options for images and recordings

- Enables on-the-fly emissivity re-calculation for given areas according to thermocouple readings

- Enables camera on-the-fly calibration by reference area comparison

- Extensive graph plotting and export options

- Individual pixel analysis and manipulation

- Localised or complete image data export in .jpg, .png, .avi, and .csv formats

- Image processing including a large degree of customisation, temperature and range settings, image noise reduction, averaging, zooming, image dimensions calculation, dedicated colour palettes etc.

- Broad program configuration options

- Very economical system requirements with only 1GB RAM and 70MB of HDD required


Please refer to our .pdf file below for the full specification:

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