Autonomous, operator-independent control of technological processes based on sophisticated image processing of thermal and visual images.

Smart-IR combines measurements from multispectral optoelectronic sensors, and with the use of genetic algorithms and neural networks, automatically controls technological processes. Taking advantage of complementary thermal and visual images, Smart-IR guarantees unprecedented decision-making capability.

Modular design and flexible interfacing enables ease of integration as a stand-alone device or part of a larger measurement-and-control complex.

- Sophisticated Non-Destructive Testing complex based on cross-correlation of thermal and visual images,

- Involves non-contact temperature measurements and thermal pattern analysis,

- Innovative measurement technique involving sensors fusion,

- Non-contact, in-situ, fast (tens of miliseconds) process monitoring,

- Fully autonomous and stand-alone application,

- Automated control and uninterruptible monitoring of technological processes,

- Operator independent (eliminates human-related measurement errors),

- Additional feedback loops and safety algorithms guarantee unprecedented decision-making capability,

- Substantial downtime reduction and work-flow optimisation,

- Analysis of thermal patterns’ distribution and evolution in time and frequency domain,

- Automatic log and reports generation,

- USB/RS-232/analogue trigger-in and trigger-out interfaces,

- May operate as part of in SCADA systems,

- On-the-fly data exchange with production line controllers and/or SCADA-type systems,

- Optional active thermal imaging (InfraSpectra proprietary name: “Active-IR”) for specimen stimulation,

- In combination with a pan-and-tilt head multi-task operation for a single head system.