An in-situ temperature measurement of wavelength-dimension objects.

ThermoScope is a thermal imaging longwave infrared (LWIR) microscope with a capability to image objects close in size to wavelength resolution limit.

ThermoScope automatically acquires and processes the detected signal into temperature values according to calibration values. Additionally, ThermoScope can be used for process control - combined with Smart-IR or as a standalone device. The design allows for unrestricted, "single spot" acquisition and analysis. Sub-wavelength resolution is also achievable with a non-standard objective configuration.

- LWIR Thermal imaging microscope with exceptional spatial resolution,

- Optional sub-wavelength imaging,

- Radiometric calibration allows for temperature measurements,

- Motorized X-Y-Z sample stage with micrometer movement resolution and mechanical backlash,

- Non-contact, in-situ, fast (tens of miliseconds) process monitoring,

- Automated control and uninterruptible monitoring of technological processes,

- Can be used in a control loop with Smart-IR,

- Analysis of thermal patterns’ distribution and evolution in time and frequency domain,

- Automatic log and reports generation,

- USB/RS-232/analogue trigger-in and trigger-out interfaces,

- Optional active thermal imaging (InfraSpectra proprietary name: “Active-IR”) for specimen stimulation.